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Romantic Circles Audio contains recordings of contemporary Romanticists and Romantic-Era works.
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Category: Interview

In this recorded interview, Brian McGrath and Walt Hunter, colleagues and romantic and contemporary poetry scholars respectively, discuss the usefulness of teaching contemporary poetry in the romanticism classroom, and vice versa.

In this interview, Anne Mellor recounts her determined commitment to rethinking Romanticism through the lens of gender. On the eve of retirement, Mellor continues to query our assumptions and preoccupations as Romanticists, even as she looks back on her long career. The audio clips attached to the transcription resonate with Mellor’s intellectual curiosity, as her voice continues to prompt the...

Interview conducted June 1999 (in four parts, mp3 format)

Transcriptions and contextual materials available as part of the original print/audio Praxis volume

Category: Audio Essay

In response to Rob Mitchell, this essay extends his argument regarding the Deleuzean elements of "Mont Blanc" in two key respects. It argues that the poem engages the sublime both on the level of its philosophical content and the mode of its articulation, drawing attention to the level of sensation in philosophical argument through its easily overlooked pattern of irregular rhyme. Poetic...

This essay highlights the relevance of Deleuze for Romanticists and Romanticism by linking Deleuze's philosophy to a central Romantic-era philosopher, Immanuel Kant, and to one of the more philosophical of the British Romantic poets, Percy Shelley. Deleuze's method of "transcendental deduction" bears on the Kantianism with which scholars of Romanticism are already familiar, but it also...

The purpose of this paper is to explore specific ways Gilles Deleuze's Difference & Repetition provides a productive critical framework for thinking about revolution in William Blake's America, A Prophecy and, in turn, the way that America's peculiar dramatization of revolution offers a specific political dimension to a Deleuzian ontology. Reading Blake's America...

I am interested in using Deleuze to "flatten" Romanticism and deflate the humanist subject at its center. In place of the subject, I see the physicality of bodies and effects of environmental forces as significant agents. In a sense, Deleuze gives us a phenomenology but without the privileged interiority of the human subject. The work of Deleuze and Guattari opens the way for reassessing and...

Category: Lecture

Plenary delivered at the NASSR/NAVSA 2006 Conference, 2 September 2006 (in two parts, mp3 format)

Plenary delivered at the NASSR/NAVSA 2006 Conference, 31 August 2006 (in two parts, mp3 format)

Lecture at the University of Loyola Chicago, 19 October 2006 (in two parts, mp3 format)


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