Seeing through a Praxis Volume

On this page, we use Voyant to learn more about the text of the Praxis volume Romanticism and the Rights of the Negative.

How We Made This

With Voyant, you can start either with a pre-existing corpus, or simply tell Voyant to link to any number of web pages. For this visualization, we opted the second approach, and copied in all of the URLs corresponding to the essays in Romanticism and the Rights of the Negative. From there, Voyant pulls the text from the web pages and calculates the occurrences of various words, trends over the course of the corpus, and so on. If you're interested in next steps, you could consider using XXXXX to get started with topic modeling, or a more robust visualization tool like Gephi.


Here you can download an .xml corpus file for Romanticism and the Rights of the Negative for use in your own research. TEI-compliant XML files are also available on most essays pages by clicking the button marked "TEI".