101. Robert Bloomfield to Mrs Palmer, 7 December 1802


101. Robert Bloomfield to Mrs Palmer, 7 December 1802* 

Decbr 7th. 6 o'clock— 1802

To Mrs Palmer,

Peace is the word a glorious cause for joy!
And who more peacefull than a Farmer's Boy?
Obscure by birth, midst fashion loth to climb,
Permit your Rustic then to plead a rhyme.
You tell me Mirth, and Music will be there
Share you the Melody, the Gladness share,—
But how can I midst sparkling Gems be seen
What would my folly, what my rashness mean?
To meet the Gay, the Titled, and the Brave,
To see the plumes of darling Beauty wave,
To meet, as meet I must, the peircing Eye,
To hear, and midst a blaze of light reply;
Then shall I wish for some sweet sheltering Grove
Some quiet corn field, such as still I love,
At ease to meditate, or long reclin'd
Pour forth the raptures of a busy mind,
Rude as the clods from whence I come am I;
Sickly in form, perchance a little shy.
If sense with rudeness dwells, it seems to say;
Reflect thee Giles, reflect, and keep away;
Thy mind is known, the fair have seen thee write
Then keep thy puny person out of sight.

I must positively beg that Mrs Palmer will [gran]t me my earnest request to be permitted to absent myself, and if I hear no more, or have no note to-morrow from Mrs. P whom I will not willingly offend, shall wish her great happiness at home

Robert Bloomfield

Address: Mrs Palmer's Orange Street

* Houghton Library, Harvard College, Autograph File/ fMS Eng 945 (56) MS Typ 662. Copy in BL RP 6851(i) BACK