108. Elizabeth Glover to Robert Bloomfield, 10 May 1803


108. Elizabeth Glover to Robert Bloomfield, 10 May 1803* 

Honington May 10th 1803

My Dear Son

I cannot express the comfort your kindness gives me. But my dear Child, if your affairs succeed ever so well, I hope I shall never be so burdensome to you as you generously propose and my dear, you know I have a Husband, and a House to live in, and as long as I am able to do for myself I cannot think of living so encroaching; As long as I am in the situation I am now, I should think a third part of your proposal a great income. If I had the value of half a Guinea in a month or two months, at my own disposal I should think myself rich.

It is true I live by poor neighbours, but I hope you have no objection to that, nor think I shall hurt myself to help them, for I certainly will not, and I hope their living here will be no offence to anyone, the woman behaves very well to me and is willing always, to do anything for me. If I am not well, or want to go out, I have the same done as if I was at home.

I hope you will put yourself to no sort of inconvenience on my account, though I should be heartily glad to see you when it suits. I sincerely thank you for what I have received. My kind love to your Wife and Children; and to Nat and Charlotte, and Children.

The Duke rode past last Friday with Lord Charles, and his Lady, when he came against our house he said to Lord Charles that's Bloomfields Mothers house.

I thank God I am much better, only rather weak; pray let me hear from you when you write to George.


E Glover

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