110. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 3 July 1803


110. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 3 July 1803* 

London July 3rd 1803

Dear George

A short feast this time. I am too hot too lazy; and too undetermined as to my poem yet to give you a long epistle. I left the poem and papers with Mr Rogers this morning. Dined in company with Mr Hill at Mr Park's on Friday last.—

Mrs Phillips has written an offer of bringing to Suffolk any letter or packett on Thursday, and till then, at least, I defer writing at length to Troston. I have a thousand things to say but they come now with the wrong end foremost.—I got £1.4s.9d. for your sixteenth it being drawn on the 5th day a £20 prize.—

This weather tries one to the bone; but I am happier and better than I was 6 weeks back, though a residence in the quietness of the country would be highly acceptable still. My poor Boy is allmost well as to his knee, and is bringing more sence into action than I once thought the convulsions would have left to his share.—


I first heard of your sonnet at Mr Park's and heard well of it. You shall write me one on my new born—in the beginning of 1804. [1] 

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 127 BACK

[1] George's 'Quatduorzain to the new-born Daughter of Capel Lofft Esq.' was published in The Monthly Mirror, 15 (1803), 413. Bloomfield's anticipated 'new born' of 1804 was named Robert. BACK