113. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 2 August 1803


113. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 2 August 1803* 

City Road, London Aug 2 1803.

Dear George

While I think of it let me ask, did the £15 I sent for the purpose of covering the remainder of the cost of Repairs advanced by Mr Austin satisfy all demands? I ask meerly for satisfaction, and not for enquiry after change, as I believe I said then what you might do with it, if there was any, though I forget what I wrote then. take this kindly as it is meant.—

I yesterday bought a Hundred 4 per cents for £70 and shall do the like in about 2 months when Hood's paper comes due—

I have not yet written to Dr Drake confound the job, I don't like to set about it. I have a letter from Dr Jenner at Cheltenham enquiring my determination as to the poem on Vaccination and expressing great interest in my wellfare. Hood says that my publications sell prosperously, and that they must be reprinted in December or January next. I dine tomorrow with Mr. H. Rogers, Highbury Terrace, a right clever fellow and brother to the poet. [1]  I have not seen nor heard of the Duke's family since the papers said they were gone to Brighton.—

I am afraid Nats 'Cottage' will never be built on the stage, but we don't know yet: I have, and shall do all in my power. [2] 

We remain tolerably well.—

The storm of military rage seems to abate a little; and measures changing—though we are still persecuted by the Drum.

Love to Mother and friends.



* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 133; extract published in Hart p. 33 BACK

[1] Henry Rogers, brother to Samuel Rogers the poet and banker. BACK

[2] Nathaniel Bloomfield's play 'Cottage' was indeed not performed. See Letters 114, 115, and 117. BACK