114. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Hill[18 August 1803]


114. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Hill[18 August 1803]* 

City Road


Thos Hill Esq


Though I have left my Brother's Dramatic pastoral [1]  with you last night I regretted that I did not wait and express my gratitude for your offer of trying its merits, and your still more valuable offer of your interest in case of its being worthy. I write now lest you might think me indifferent as to its success. I do certainly think that much of the animation in some of the speeches is the general animation of the Nation, and that if they were spoken to an audience they would be felt.

It is not my province to judge, but as you gaind reputation by fostering the Farmer's Boy, I wish you a further acquisition, at all events remaining Sir, most truly,


Rob Bloomfield

* Houghton Library, Harvard College fMS 776, f. 21 BACK

[1] Nathaniel Bloomfield's play 'Cottage' was indeed not performed. See Letters 113, 115 and 117. BACK