126. Joseph Banfield to Robert Bloomfield, 29 April 1804


126. Joseph Banfield to Robert Bloomfield, 29 April 1804* 

Gosport April 29. 1804


A letter of yours has this day been put into my hands containing an answer to one lately addressed to you written by a young man subscribing himself B. C. This young man is the son of a particular friend of mine and therefore I am anxious to rescue him from any disgrace which may be the consequence of his most absurd and ridiculous application to you. It certainly is quite beneath your notice, and I have no doubt of your judging it so. However, as the young man is particularly uneasy under the idea that you may take some steps to make his folly public and so reach the ears of his friends, he has entreated me to beg it as a particular favour that you will return his letter to me together with this, in order that nothing should appear against him. I am sure therefore, as it is the foolish act of a giddy ignorant youth that you will comply with my wishes and content yourself with the severe but just censure you have allready passed on his conduct. Mr. B. C. (for you must excuse my telling you his name) entreats that you will accept the enclosed, as the only compensation he is able to make you for the insult he has offerd. As I am about to leave this neighbourhood, may I request the favour of an early reply, addressed to the Post Office in this town?

I am, sir your very obed servant,

Joseph Banfield

* BL Add. MS 28268, f.142; published in Hart, p. 37 BACK