135. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 3 August 1804


135. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 3 August 1804* 

City Road. London. Aug 3d 1804

Dear George

I have but little to say, and am in no good mood to say that. I am glad my Mother got safe home, and thank you kindly for your ready communication of the news.

I go on singing, walking, visiting, composing &c &c perhaps to my ultimate advantage. I am pleasing myself much with a Ballad to be calld 'the Ploughman,'* in that stile in which I am best calculated to succeed. When you wonder that good tidings is not known or advertized, you have only to recolect that of the other works the Bookseler has Half, and of this nothing. The advertizing rests with myself, and I won't do it, and Hood cannot be expected to push my work as he would his own, more particularly when he knows that when in a vollumn he will have it partly his own property, when it will be worth his while to send it all over the empire? This secret Mr L seems to know but little about—but if I had 50 Vollms I would sell the publishers a share. I am at school, and I know what I write to be true.

The bundle for Isaac contains some old things which my Wife says may be turn'd into somthing for his boys. I hope sincerely that your children are not so naked as his, and it is for the children's sake we send. Take nothing amiss, his present application by letter this morning is what I know not what to do with.

Yours truly


[in another hand]: *Abner & the Horse? [1] 

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 149 BACK

[1] Probably 'Abner and the Widow Jones, a Familiar Ballad', published in Wild Flowers, pp. 1–19. BACK