136. Robert Bloomfield to Elizabeth Glover, 3 August 1804


136. Robert Bloomfield to Elizabeth Glover, 3 August 1804* 

City Road, London, Aug 3d 1804

My Dear Mother

I write a word with the parcel to say that we were glad to hear from George of your safe arrival at Bury, and that you did not happen to be in the broken coach. Perhaps you may never be so far from home again, and I feel the more oblidged by that very consideration, as by your visit I have your second-self hung up always before my eyes, and it to me it is singularly valuable, and will hereafter be realy so. [1] My wife has been very poorly, but is mending. Poor Charles is lame again, and forced to be Doctor'd, as the knee joint is swelling a third time. There is always some drawback or other upon the best of human enjoyment.

I have an invitation to Northamptonshire, but do not expect to go. The Doctors talk of my taking Charles to the sea side. I have determin'd on nothing, only to meet all the occurrences of life with as much resignation as possible.

Our love to Father and Self. Yours Dear Mother, truly

Rob Bloomfield

Pray return our best thanks to Mrs Mothersole for her present, and to friends at Sapiston.

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 150 BACK

[1] An engraving of this portrait, by Pierre Violet, was later included in Brayley, and can be seen here. (Violet is noted as the artist in a review of this book which appeared in The Monthly Mirror, NS 1 (January, 1807), 44) BACK