148. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Park, 17 December 1804


148. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Park, 17 December 1804* 

City Road Decr 17th 1804

Dear Sir

The inclosed letter [1]  received this day will in some measure account for my apparent inattention to your kind solicitude as to my residence. I had intelligence on Saturday evening that my Mother was dangerously indisposed; and by tomorrow evening I hope to be at Bury. A thousand thanks for your friendly efforts and endeavours about houses, but I cannot attend to them while 'the main beam of the house is breaking'—

You will see Mr Young and induce him to keep back till further information, the concerns between us, in which he shall be no loser, or, if I adopt measures for advertisements &cc the work may be sent to my home, and I will give them directions. [2] 

Mr Hood is gone to Scotland, to return at Christmas.

Peace be with you all.


Robt Bloomfield

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 157 BACK

[1] The enclosed letter from George no longer survives. BACK

[2] Two portraits of Bloomfield were engraved by John Young at this time; one, a miniature, by Pierre Violet (see Letter 131) was published at the start of January 1805. The other, by J. Rising, was also published in 1805. The dates suggest it is the former to which Bloomfield refers here. BACK