150. Robert Bloomfield to Mr Wass, 20 December 1804


150. Robert Bloomfield to Mr Wass, 20 December 1804* 

Honington, Suffolk. Dec 20, 1804


I am here, (I doubt) to see the last offices of humanity perform'd towards an affectionate mother. If you have authority in the absence of Mr Hood to transmit to me 15 or 20 pounds in Bank notes you will indeed oblidge me. If they could possibly arrive at Bury on Tuesday next I should feel happy, as I have here a scene of sickness and trouble which I am determin'd to relieve at all events. May I sir rely on you to send, or cause to be sent the required sum on my account with Mr Hood?

Yours most truly,

Rob Bloomfield

Direct Rob Bloomfield at Mr Gedge's, Bury, Suffolk

Address: Mr Wass at Messrs Vernor & Hood's / No. 31 Poultry / London.

* Bodleian Library MS Montagu.d.3, f. 108 BACK