152. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Park, 23 December 1804


152. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Park, 23 December 1804* 

Honington Dec 23d 1804

Dear Sir

I write from this scene of affliction to ask, or rather to advise what is to be done regarding the portrait as I am by no means sure of being at home by New Years Day, and as the head should be forth coming then, perhaps you could manage with Mr Hood, if he be returned, to have an advertisement accompany the next 'Mirror' and 'Museum,' and more if thought necessary; and contrive with Mr Young that the proofs may be sent to my home, and to the Poultry, in case I do not return. [1]  Indeed I much wish to have a few portraits sent down to me, which my Brother Nat will contrive if they can be sent to my home. You will write or commune with Mr Young accordingly.

I have contrived that my poor Mother shall want for nothing, that this forlorn village and neighbourhood can furnish. She is much worse I doubt, since I came here, but she knows me, and has called me by name, a paralytic affliction has shaken one side, impaired her swallow, her speech and almost deprived her of recollection. I shall not stir nor pay visits till she is better or worse. My best respects to Mrs P and family, Yours Sir most truly

Robert Bloomfield

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 160 BACK

[1] Bloomfield is here arranging with Park to ensure that his newly executed portrait, engraved by John Young, is advertised in Vernor and Hood's journals The Monthly Mirror and The Lady's Museum. BACK