160. Robert Bloomfield to Isaac Bloomfield, 18 March 1805


160. Robert Bloomfield to Isaac Bloomfield, 18 March 1805* 

City Road. March 18. 1805

Dear Isaac

Dining lately where Mr Park was one of the company he whisperd to me a message from his wife; who having heard me mention your large family and downlying wife had suggested to him to ask me if a present of 2 Pounds would be acceptable. I receivd the offer with pleasure, and a day or two past he left with me the above some for you, which I will send you in ten days. At present I have not so much by me and am much engage'd. perhaps it will require that you should acknowledge it to Mrs P. and I will transmit it? If you have not mended the cell in your front I wish you would; and if you have done the little I sent to Mr Austin, he, or Mr Bradley may rely on my making good any thing they may trust or advance. I am glad the stairs are done, and should particularly wish that the woodwork of the front should be painted before the next winter, and as near as you can by guess, to have an estimate of wages and expences, the whole of which may be put in a bill at last, by you or my Father. I think I shall like your tune; but my Wife is not yet sufficiently in her tune to hear it.

If you can be at Bury on Tuesday next & 26th I hope the two pound Note will meet you at George's.

Till then Love to Wife and Children Father and Bet.—

Rob Bloomfield

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