163. Mary Bloomfield, to Hannah Bloomfield, [daughter], 3 June 1805


163. Mary Bloomfield, to Hannah Bloomfield, [daughter], 3 June 1805* 

June 3 1805

Dear hannah

You heard before that I was not well, but I am a great deal better now, the first thing I have to tell you is of the garden, our lobernam will not blow so much as we thought it would, we have got two mugs full of butterflowers, and we have some beans coming up, this is holiday work and many people are crowding by our gate, my cousin tomy will break up next wednesday, and my aunt Charlotte was here yesterday, and my uncle and cousins toten, our Cat has kittend, she had three whites and one with black spots we have drownded the three whites and the cat will not settle with the others, she will take it up stairs, I have nothing more to say

I remain your ever affectionate sister Mary Bloomfield

ps give my love to Mother and Charles

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