167. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Ann Bloomfield, 14 June 1805


167. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Ann Bloomfield, 14 June 1805* 

City Road, June 14. 1805

My Dear Mary

I send the things you mention'd as far as we can find them. but your dark gown is at Charlotte's. Charles's Cloaths seem to be in good case. This rainy weather will keep you at home, though I hope the rest which you and the child will now find may be beneficial to both, whither you go out or not, I wish particularly I had been with you in your walk, and with you when you went to sleep too. I am truly glad to find you write with such firmness about the Boy and our mutual concerns, as I think it argues well for your self, you will perhaps return with another mind to your home, recover'd from that state of despondence in which you have so long been. When you write, or when Hannah writes, tell us your adventures, your walks, and your prises of provisions &c, and how many sweethearts you get; but that perhaps you will keep to yourselves. Mary has still a very precarious state of health, with frequent head aches: she is well now. Charlotte's cough troubles her in the night sometimes. Your Dad is still the same, I have no complaint against him but his spoiling the child. Honour learns to cook tolerably well, and I am much better than when I wrote last, I hope every thing yet will work together for good. Love to Charles and Hannah.

Yours truly and affectionately

Rob Bloomfield

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