173. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Bloomfield, 18 July 1805


173. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Bloomfield, 18 July 1805* 

Worthing, Thursday. 3. Oclock

July 18th 1805

My Dear Mary,

I left you fast asleep, and I thought it was best so, because you fret when I take leave of you. I had a very pleasant ride with Mr Jeffrey and his Sister; had some refreshment at Epsom, and then dined upon Bacon and cold peas at a curious old Farmhouse at a little town called Capel. The table on which we dined was dated 1636, so that it was made almost a hundred years before your grandfather was born. We drank Tea at another farm belonging to a Mr Potter, who is well known to Mr Evans. We reach'd Mr Jefery's home about eight miles from Worthing where I slept and the next morning I rode with him on horseback over very high hills calld the South-downs, cover'd with Flocks of Sheep, and with Thime, here we had a grand and delightful view of the Country for forty miles on one side, and the wide sea on the other. I came to your Mother and Hannah and Charles about twelve oclock on Tuesday Wednesday. They are all midling. your mother is but midling indeed with her headaches, Charles is in high spirits. his knee is now heal'd and we think of bathing him in a day or two.

Hannah seems to wish to come home to see you, and the garden, and all of you, and in a week either she or I shall be home with you, but we have not settled which. I will write to you again, so that you shall receive it on Tuesday morning. The post hour is come, Love to All.

And my particular love to you and little Shot.

I am your Affectionate Father

Rob Bloomfield

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