18. Capel Lofft to Thomas Hill, 19 October 1799


18. Capel Lofft to Thomas Hill, 19 October 1799* 


Sat. 19 Oct: 1799

Dear Sir,

I mean to return to you by tomorrows post the two proofs I received yesterday evening of the Farmers Boy.

I think they will interest you as they have done with me upon reperusal, ever encreasingly. But I think also that you will agree with me that the Note in the 2d sheet ought to be taken from the foot of the pages, both on account of typographical beauty & the continuity of the Poem. I had made a memorandum when I sent the MS requesting attention to this circumstance before.

I remain Dear Sir yours sincerely

Capel Lofft

I can with difficulty imagine what London must be if so deluged with rain as we are in the country.

Pizarro [1]  has its usual fortune on the bury boards and has filled the house to overflowing. So overflowingly that [word cut off] Daughter & Son & I with Mr walker & other friends found, as did hundreds more, that we could not get in on Wednesday.

* William Salt Library, Stafford S. MS 478/12/67 BACK

[1] Richard Brinsley Sheridan's play Pizarro was a wild hit in 1799. BACK