180. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 13 March 1806


180. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 13 March 1806* 

To Mrs L Baker

City Road. London. Mar 13 1806


Your letter received this morning contains a request which you will find that I have complied with as to the accompanying Books. Soon after I wrote my last I had the satisfaction to recieve from Clare Hall a very flattering reply, in return for my Budget, and containing a kind of critical review of the pieces which I assure you I prize highly. I send again to Miss Sharp a Dozn Boks tomorrow. I must be at the fashionable end of London early tomorrow, and really can not tell whither Saturday will induce me to stretch to Fullham.

I am tolerably well: I only mean that having sufferd pain from the Rhumatism makes me shy of such weather as we have now. Next week may be more congenial to my feelings, for the Sun, when the north wind subsides, has considerable power in the middle of March. Thank you for your interest in my favour, but let me beg that you would not under the idea of serving me engage to cleare my shelf of Books and thereby encumber yourself.

With all due Respects

I am madam yours truly

Rob Bloomfield

Address: Mrs L Baker

* Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, MA 4500 BACK