190. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 8 July 1806


190. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 8 July 1806* 

8 July 1806

To Mrs Baker

I send you the illustration to your order, and am glad to inform you in reply to your kind enquiries as to my son that since the discharge has commenced he is evidently more firm in temper, cheerfulness, and appetite, than before, the joint is less in consequence of the bursting of the swelling, and the contraction of the limb certainly not worse, but I flatter myself a little better. But I am so convinced of the long time such things take to come even partially to rights, that I have a great stock of patience, and as much hope as I dare.

Will you have the kindness to write a word to say whither Dr Crotch is in town? and if he is, where I can find him? For I think it likely that I shall take the liberty to consult him on some music. [1] 

I send you the 'Letter from Worthing' which I promised, [2]  and with kind respects to your parents and Mr B—I am Madam yours truly Rob Bloomfield

I shall bring you an Eolian Harp in a few weeks, and return home.

Address: Mrs L. Baker. July 8. 1806.

* Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, MA 4500 BACK

[1] Bloomfield wished to consult Dr Crotch about his brother Isaac's anthems (see Letter 185). BACK

[2] Bloomfield sends Mary Lloyd Baker his poem 'News from Worthing, in a Letter from a Beast of Burden to her Brother Jack'. This was published in The Monthly Mirror in April 1807 (see Letter 206 for the text). BACK