192. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Ann Bloomfield, 23 October 1806


192. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Ann Bloomfield, 23 October 1806* 

Maidstone. Oct 23d, 1806

Dear Mary,

Mr Norris being on his return this morning to London I send you a word just to inform you that, I have been so well entertained here that, I do not intend to start for Canterbury untill saturday, when I shall walk from hence (over hills something like those in the neighbourhood of Dorking) to Rochester, and from thence by the high road to Canterbury. You may find in Mr Evan's 'Juvinile Tourist' some account of this Town and neighbourhood. [1]  The Harps play delightfully and I send one on to Canterbury tomorrow morning. This is a large town with more inhabitants than Bury. The Country round it highly delightfull, a good navigable River. I have been confined by the rain but this fine day have been a long walk, and am going to inspect the process of making paper tomorrow, and to examine an Oil mill. Mr and Mrs J Price, at whose table I am now writing, particularly desire to be remembered to you and family, and with the promise that I will write again not later than Tuesday, and with love to you all, I am yours Dear Mary truly.

Rob Bloomfield

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