196. Robert Bloomfield to Capel Lofft, 12 November 1806


196. Robert Bloomfield to Capel Lofft, 12 November 1806* 


'London. Nov 12. 1806'

'To C Lofft Esq.


After having seen through the press the whole of the poem, [1]  I accompanied a neighbour in a journey into Kent, both for health and for business. I have been absent more than three weeks, and during that time avoided all communication with the publishers that I might not even in appearance, break my engagement of leaving the preface to your own fancy and direction. On my return I found that your postscript, (the only part of the preface I have seen) had, during my absence been sent to my home, and going immediately to the printers I found that the Book had been finished, and part of it sent home to the publishers; and enquiring very naturally, whither they had printed the Postscript,? Was answer'd, No!

If this is news Sir to you, I neither tell it with terror nor with exultation. I think I have felt too severely on this subject ever to feel much again. It is with real sorrow that I learn the death of Mr Kirk White, and having said this little, and sent the publishers as soon as absence would permit, I feel to have discharged a duty.'

And am &c

Rob Bloomfield'

* Bodleian Library MS Montagu.d.3, ff. 111–12. Copy enclosed with Letter 198 BACK

[1] Bloomfield refers to the ninth edition of The Farmer's Boy, published by Vernor and Hood in 1806. BACK