200. Robert Bloomfield to Isaac Bloomfield, 7 January 1807


200. Robert Bloomfield to Isaac Bloomfield, 7 January 1807* 

City Road— Jany 7th 1807

Dear Isaac,

I had yours this morning mentioning the Rails to be had at Bury, and I think it appears that nothing better can be done than to have them. I enclose a £5 Note which according to your supposition will nearly pay all the expence, and if the job helps you I shall not, I hope, repent of having done it now, but shall be glad when it is done with. You must make the fairest estimate that you can as to your time, I desire nothing more, and shall be satisfied. I do not exactly know the age of your partner, but at the rate she proceeds you ought to expect such a family as our Great Grandfather, who it seems, had seventeen alive at one time. Bet has therefore ten to come, including the one bespoke. ——

Sister Charlotte has had a severe fit of illness, and though something better, and able to keep up, is now far from well.

My wife is tolerably hearty, and my children well. This weather, and the short days, hinder me sadly in my new trade.

Love to Wife, Children All friends

Yours —

Robert —

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