213. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Ann Bloomfield, 21 August 1807


213. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Ann Bloomfield, 21 August 1807* 


Abergavenny. Aug. 21. 1807

My Dear Mary

We have thus far performed our journey in perfect safety. We have been the road leading over Framelode passage across the Severn, thence to Ross the first day, and down the Wye, the first second day, to Monmouth. Again we took to our Boat from Monmouth, at Six in the morning, and reach'd Chepstow at one, But to attempt here to describe the pleasures of the the voyage would be quite useless; They have been too many and too great for the bounds of a letter. We left Chepstow yesterday noon, and took by the way, a two hours look at Ragland Castle; then came yesterday evening to this Town, Slept sound, and this morning engaged an old Welshman with a cart with benches, and three little horses, to carry us to the summit of the Sugar loaf Mountain, Such fun, such a road, and such a feast on the mountain moss, and such a sight! I shall talk of it all the rest of my life! We are this moment return'd, all well, and tomorrow shall proceed to Brecon, and thense to Hereford, and to Malvern Hills, and home by Gloucester. I write because I have opportunity, and because I wish to satisfy you that I am well, My best love to yourself and all the Children,

I am ever yours,


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