215. Robert Bloomfield to Dr Edward Jenner, 17 September 1807


215. Robert Bloomfield to Dr Edward Jenner, 17 September 1807* 

Shepherd & Shepherdess

City Road

Sep 17,. 1807

To Dr Jenner

Dear sir

Several of these papers are past into my hands, I know not if much is expected from any thing I can do, but I told my neighbour Swan [1]  that I would write to Dr Jenner. And here I fulfill my engagement, and say no more. I lost a MS. in the fire which will cost me some trouble to reinstate; but as it consists of extracts relating to Eolus, I can make it out again. [2]  I beg you to accept Mrs B—s acknowledgements for hers and all favours [3] —— Your Eagle is a noble fellow and no doubt could, over a joint of meat, signalize himself in a conspicuous manner.——I was much pleased with your Temple It has not the air of affected rusticity as some of the kind have. [4]  I hope you will promote the growth of Ivy, and sit there many a returning Summer and hatch new mischief for the world.

The post is jogging directly, and he brings my everlasting good wishes and respects

Sir Yours truly

Rob Bloomfield

* John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Eng. MS 725. Inlaid into vol. 4 of a 13 volume edition of John Forster, The Life of Charles Dickens by John Forster Inlaid and Illustrated with Portraits, Views, Autograph Letters etc. 13 vols (London, 1874). BACK

[1] Annotated in another hand: 'A sufferer from a destructive Fire'. BACK

[2] Bloomfield is referring to the manuscript of Nature's Music. Consisting of Extracts from Several Authors with Practical Observations and Poetical Testimonies in Honour of the Harp of Aeolus, which was published later the following year. BACK

[3] Bloomfield thanks Jenner for the gifts Jenner gave Mrs Bloomfield after Bloomfield completed Good Tidings; or, News from the Farm. BACK

[4] Jenner's Temple is a rustic hut in the garden of his house at Berkeley, which Bloomfield had clearly visited with the Lloyd Bakers when touring nearby Berkeley Castle. Jenner used the hut to administer vaccinations. BACK