218. Robert Bloomfield to William [? James] Russell, 5 December 1807


218. Robert Bloomfield to William [? James] Russell, 5 December 1807* 

City Road [1] 

Mr Wm Russell

I am conscious that my conduct may appear to you extremely unhandsome and, I feel somthing like uneasiness untill I explain. I am in the habit of making the instruments with my own hands, all but inscribing my name and a slight ornament, which is done by a man in Goswell Street. When you call'd, I was to have your Harp and another home in a day or two, but was disappointed and oblidged to give way to one of his better employers, Clementi in Cheapside, [2]  who hurried him with Drums, going abroad. He finishd many of my Harps during the last Summer and I never felt the disappointment before. They are half done, and set by; and, I have now certainty of getting them on Monday next. We have had very uncongenial weather lately for aeirial music, but I beg you to remember, Sir, that if by your change of abode the Harp in dimensions becomes wrong, you are at liberty to change it at a future time, if undeface'd. You shall find it at your Brother's very shortly. After this apology need I add that, I am sorry every way for your disappointment and hope that your experiment and entertainment from the Instrument will answer your expectations, Yours, Sir truly

R Bloomfield

* Trinity College Library, Cambridge, MS Cullum k26(2) BACK

[1] Date obliterated by seal mark. BACK

[2] Muzio Clementi, pianist, composer and conductor (1752–1832) had premises at 26 Cheapside, whence he ran a business making instruments and publishing music. BACK