224. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 16 January 1808


224. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 16 January 1808* 

Shepherd & Shepherdess

City Road. Jan. 16. 1808

Dear Madam

I had predetermined to write this afternoon to you concerning my progress in drawing and other momentous business, but at this instant Miss Ansted is here; and from her I learn that it may be possible to have this at Fulham in time for the pocket of Mr Baker. At all events I write on. Mrs Grant's Second Edition [1]  is now to be had, and I will, if possible, get them to night, and by the end of the week, when Miss Ansted has seen them, or perhaps sooner, I will make a packet, and write again. I have accomplish'd my undertaking as to copying your drawings and am ready to return your book as you may wish, or direct, I have thus far fulfilld my promise as to my journal, but it is not yet a triple affair, You will perhaps be surprize'd when I tell you that from my memory and my notes, I have proceeded with my poetical part of the business to a considerable extant. I am now on the point of the Sugar Loaf, with an address to the Spirit of Burns! I have filld up with matter highly interesting to me, about seven hundred lines! Thus you see, that I am likely to tire you all, but I am determined to go through with it, and because I am so determined, and because I am no forwarder, the triple Journal cannot be had for these three months. Yet if you would recieve a moment's pleasure in looking over the other two articles of the trio, it shall be much at your service. If you recieve this in time I should esteem it a great favour could you write and say if it be agreeable to have your scetch-book returned to Stouts Hill, as I am in hopes of seeing you again at Fulham. If I do not hear from you I shall send it with Mrs G.s poems next week.

I am happy to hear by Miss Ansted that all goes well in the Valley. My little household has nothng to complain of at present.—All well,— My Three Vollms are in a fair way to come out next time in a uniform, small pocket size, and from the Steriotype press; so says the Bookseller.

I am afraid this will not reach Fulham to night, so must stop short

With all love and Respects to Self and Mr B. and the Fairies.

Yours Madam truly

Rob Bloomfield

Saturday evening

5 Oclock.

* BL Add. MS 28268, ff. 247–48 BACK

[1] A second edition of Anne Grant's The Highlanders: and Other Poems was published in 1808. BACK