230. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 6 April 1808


230. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 6 April 1808* 

City Road. April 6. 1808

Dear Madam

I am glad that you are come within my reach safe and sound. But I cannot, I doubt, make it any way convenient to see Fullham before Monday. If you are likely to be engaged then you will have the trouble of saying so by post, and of naming the open days in the following same week, any of which will suit me just as well. I am rather asham'd, not of my progress in the Journal*, but of my promise, for I have not compleated my task.! I certainly shall in time, but I find much to say, and that the subject is worthy of attention, if it be only for the amusement of the individuals of the party, and with no other aim. I have brought all the cavalcade to Brecon, and am turning to the right. Of course all the rout from Monmouth to Chepstow, Ragland, Abergany, and the Mountains, Crickhowel, Tretower &c, &c will be new to you, and if it will give even a moment's pleasure it shall be in my packet. Mr O knows what it is to see an unfinishd Sermon, and you have candor enough to see with right feelings an unfinishd picture, where touches intended to be given are not yet done,— and one third of the paper not cover'd. I am not sure that it will be worth any thing at last, but to myself and the party, but I must go on, to get rid of the impressions, that can by no other means be worn out.

I anticipate a happy day next week. I am now free from Rhumatism, My family well, and the rain has fall'n to nourish my raddishes and Spinach.

Yours Madam, ever, with love to all.

Rob Bloomfield

*What think you of eleven hundred lines? if it should be too long I can shorten it, that is an advantage, and a lucky thought

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