232. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 24 August 1808


232. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 24 August 1808* 

City Road. Aug. 24 1808

Dear Madam,

Obstacles not worth mentioning stand in the way of that pleasure which I should, as usual, enjoy at your Hospitable house.

I have this minute been looking over proofs of the Steriotype Edition of my poems, now going on, and I find that if the composition of poetry had been as irksome as correcting it, my verses would never have been written. I believe you know that I have been writing a new preface to the Farmers Boy: you will see it in due time.—

I have had an anxious, worrying Summer, with no relaxation, save a day at Fullham. I feel myself therefore as I allways do under such circumstances; and am going to take (on Friday) a ramble over Lieth Hills &c in the vicinity of Dorking. This day twelvmonth we were at the Old Church at Hereford, and this night twelvmonth were in the dark upon Malvern Hills. Blessings on the recollections of that Tour! it cheers me like a dram of whisky or a mug of welch ale. How does Mr B.? I hope no Crutches this Summer!

I propose being home in the middle of next week; and if I see you at all it will be by a very early morning's walk to Clare Hall, and back the same night; unless Catherine can insure me a lodging in the hen-house or hay-loft, either of which would have the charm of novelty, a charm which often induces people to do much sillier and more unnatural things.

I take it for granted that you go on to Wicken? And I would, if I was able, send by you my the whole of my respects to that picture of benevolence, your Aunt.—

Accept Dear Madam, my wishes for your health and pleasure, and my remembrances to all friends And I am, with Spirits rather 'down at heel'

yours continually

Rob Bloomfield

* BL Add. MS 28268, ff. 258–59; published in Hart, p. 47 BACK