243. Robert Bloomfield to Hannah Bloomfield, 8 October 1809


243. Robert Bloomfield to Hannah Bloomfield, 8 October 1809* 

SundayCity Road Oct 8th 1809

My Dear Girl

This packet will be Cows tail fashion, all behind. Aunt George applied for what I could not for the soul of me procure untill yesterday I therefore growld, and sighd, and smoked, and slepd, and growld again, and ultimately could not send untill mondays Coach. I now write to Mr Lofft and hope that he will have it on the Tuesday, but if you leave the village to be at Bury the following day, it may happen that he may not have recieved it when you go, though this is rather unlikely. I have said that you will certainly call, and I think there is little cause for perturbation of spirit. I advise you to give your name at the front door, and request to see Mr Lofft. If he should be out, ask if the ladies are within and repeat the same request.

I enclose a letter for Mr Austin according to your wish, and am indeed glad to find you so full of spirits and health, yet you dont know how much I want to see you. Thetford is a queer old place and you will get a good notion of it by your visits, Aunt Kate is a queer old touch, but with much decision of character as I call it. If you can see the Theatre at Bury do so by all means, write to me the day you get there, and again to state the evening of your return. If you have not told Mary Binley the time of your return I wish particularly to keep the particular hour from her father, otherwise he will be here, or accompany me to the Inn to meet you. Last Thursday Wednesday your Mother went and slepd at Deptford, and I walk'd there the next morning and got [word deleted] Nothing.—I shall dine with him on that day fortnight, and hope for better luck. I have just cut the gourds, they would not hang till you came home. Honour has been with a how di do, and her dad is just gone home. Mother Freeman has been to visit us and your mother promised to go and see her, but has not been!!

Dont be perswaded to go to the Assembly Rooms at Bury with Mrs Lockwoods family, you will only be mortified. Keep humble and squint at them all as you know how. I will meet you and your luggage at the Inn.

I have several times intended to remind you that If your Cousins at Honington or any other boys have any 'Fairies Cakes,' curiously markd pebbles and will part with them for halfpence, bring what you can, They will know what you mean. Bring away some thunderbolts, and some 'Devel's Toe Nails', which are found in a field north of what was Mr Rolfs Rookery, but if these are not to be had, dont stop for either. These strange names make it look like a queer errand to set a young girl about, but I tell you they know what I mean—I feel proud of your letters, but I would rather have your company. Mary is growing fast, Rob is asleep, the other two cracking walnuts, and mother well.

The time prevents my saying more now.

And I am once more your Affectionate Father

Rob Bloomfield

thank you for the Nutts

I am happily busy on the Banks of Wye

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