248. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 3 March 1810


248. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 3 March 1810* 

City Road, Mar 3d. 1810

Dear Madam,

Your symbolical paper, and your wax, instantaneously fix'd my mind at Fullham, before I observed that you was there yourself. I had concieved that the general decline of your venerable Aunt* was not so appearent, and I was therefore not so prepared for the news. I try to estimate how heavily you must feel at the loss of her, and of the Shades of your infancy! It was there** that I first had the pleasure of seeing you and Mr Baker. From that interview, so pleasingly brought about, originated all my various pleasures with other branches of the family. Aye, even the indescribable Wye! Blessed be the memory of the good!! I could weep for you sooner than for myself. But you will learn not to weep, for Spring is approaching, and if it finds your lessning circle in health, they will only grow dearer perhaps, as that circle contracts.

Please to remember me to Mr Baker and little ones and all who can spare time to remember me. And believe me Madam your sympathising and oblidged friend.

Rob Bloomfield

—All well here.—

[Footnotes added by T. J. Lloyd Baker];

* Mrs Prowse

** Wicken Park in Northamptonshire where she lived. She died at her brothers Mr Sharps at Fulham.

* BL Add. MS 28268, ff. 281–82 BACK