250. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 25 May 1810


250. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 25 May 1810* 

City Road. Friday Noon,

May 25. 10

Dear Madam

My Boy is a Great deal better. This is the first and best news I have to tell, and I hope I am truly thankful for so great a blessing. I am tolerably well, only I feel fagg'd, and Londonsick; a sad complaint this last is indeed, and an old associate of mine, and I mention it now to show you how much it operates against Haydn, and against Hannover Square, and the Lights, and the Wheels and the Liveries, and the nods, and the greetings, and and the condolings, and the enquiries, and the stirrings of feelings not yet subsided, and the invitations, and the how-d-do's &c, &c, &c. I beg to decline your offer, and must insist upon it too. But to let you see that I have no inanimate soul incapable of feeling music, I offer you in my turn as follows. I think I remember when last with you in your Carriage, An Old pollard Oak in Richmond park which resembled an Alderman before dinner, being very hollow, and capable of affording me great accommodation. If you will undertake to perswade Dr Crotch to assemble all his fiddlers in a Druidical ring round his trunk, and place the audience on the turf, I promise to be there incase'd in the midst of them by 4 in the Afternoon with some bread and cheese in my pocket. There will be no noise of charriot wheels, remember that, the smoke of Lamps will asscend with the unimprison'd breath of the croud, the night air will convey the heavenly sound to distant listners, the scene will be novel, and the Nightingales will cock up a Criticising ear on the extremity of their twigs. The Cocks will be afraid to crow should we stay there untill daylight, and Old Thames will come mouthing down to London Bridge and declaring that he never hear'd such a noise in all his life.!!!

I will if possible see you some time next week. Should Catherine be with you by the time, to her and Mrs Jam Sharp I beg my particular respects, And with remembrance to Mr B, and Children and your Affectionate mother, I Am Madam Allways yours

Rob Bloomfield

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