251. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Ann Bloomfield, 25 June 1810


251. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Ann Bloomfield, 25 June 1810* 

Shefford, June 25th 1810

Dear Mary

After a delightfull ride we reachd the place by two O'clock. I am quite at home in every respect, and am as when I left London remarkably well, and indeed better and stronger as I used to find from such excursions some years ago. We have visited the grounds of Sir George Osborn, and Mr Whitbread And we are to dine with the former tomorrow by his own particular invitation, and though in our long ramble last night we did not happen to come in contact with Mr Whitbread we are engaged to see the House and primises again. This is a fine and fruitful Country, and we are going this evening to catch a fish, and afterwards to repeat the same kind of pleasure in Sir George's Cannal. When I have gone through tomorrows visit I will write again. If Charles was here I could not get him up the hills, tell him I think of him. My best Love to you all.

Yours faithfully

Rob Bloomfield

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