252. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 12 July 1810


252. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Lloyd Baker, 12 July 1810* 

City Road July 12. 1810

To Mrs Baker

Dear Madam

When I promised myself the pleasure of meeting with you at Clare Hall I undoubtedly meant what I said but who shall say exactly what the obstacles may be that may obtrude themselves between the wish and the accomplishment! I tarried longer in Bedfordshire than I proposed, and could not do otherwise, and I learn'd from Catharine's communication that you would leave on the 2d of this month. I therefore could not meet you. Yet it is a great consolation to hear that you are so well, and that I have therefore so fair a chance of seeing you at some future time. I told Mr Baker my business with Sir G Osborn I dined with him, and felt at home. Mr Whitbread allso behaved handsomly and gave his Bedfordshire invitation &c. &c. When I said that I felt myself at home I ought to have said that I wishd the Country my home; and that radical first-planted principle in my composition can never be blotted out by London and all it can produce.

Mr Baker expressed a particular desire to see my Journal, tell him that I am going over it once again and he must have patience untill the Autumn.

Charles is walking without a Crutch, and myself and Family have little to complain of.

I imagine that this will find you at Stouts Hill, and if not it will follow you no doubt. In the mean time I rest assured that you will, when convenient, write to me and inform me of the health of yourself and Children whom I should like to see, and allso to remember me to Mr B, and All Friends at Stouts Hill, And with these hopes, being much fatigued with writing and other persuits, I take my leave for the present, and Am

Most truly yours

Rob Bloomfield

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