259. Robert Bloomfield to R. Bransby Cooper, 19 March 1811


259. Robert Bloomfield to R. Bransby Cooper, 19 March 1811* 

London, March 19.1811.

RB Cooper Esq

Dear Sir

I recieved your highly finishd drawings with pleasure, and inform you that the parties concerned are like wise pleased with them, and that, consequently they will be engraved in due time.

I have divided the Journal into 4 books. The first concludes at Monmouth. The 2d at chepstow. The Third at Brecknock. and the last brings us home.

From this division you will see that the two drawings now recieved apply, one to the 2d Book finishing with Chepstow Castle, and the other to the 3d. which includes Crickhowel. Now if the publishers take it into their heads that the plates should apply to each Book, I should then choose the 'New Wier on the Wye' for the first, Book, and 'the Summits of the Vann from the Priory woods' for the 4th unless you prefer 'Hay Castle' which I fear would not be deemed equally interesting in itself, however excellently it was drawn. The Publishers I learn wish to confine themselves to 4 Engravings and therefore your trouble will be the less, but not my obligation. [1] 

I shall be greatly vex'd if they do not execute them as they deserve, or give us any of the Bookseller's quirks.

I have again thought of it, and am decided in my choice of 'The New Wier,' and 'The Vann, from the priory Woods' With these you may proceed, I hope, at your leisure moments, for they have not begun printing. Mr Shield (I believe) is to set Music to the Songs, but I have not seen him yet, though I have a very kind letter.

I am particularly pleased with the view through the arch, and the other speaks as plainly my language in the rhimes as it possibly could.

My Housemates, Young and old, are well, including myself; allways complaining a little, sometimes in moderate health and spirits for a day, and then 'all down at heel'. I am now in one of my best fits, and with a lively recollection of past hours, and Love to Miss Cooper, and Sister, and all friends, Am Sir Yours truly, and affectionately

Robt Bloomfield

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 301; published in Hart, p. 51 BACK

[1] The four illustrations eventually chosen can be seen here: [1][2][3][4] BACK