261. Robert Bloomfield to John Davy, 10 July 1811


261. Robert Bloomfield to John Davy, 10 July 1811* 

To Mr Davy

City Road. July 10. 1811.

Dear Sir,

A poem of mine of considerable length is now on the point of publication. It contains four incidental Songs well adapted for Music. The Booksellers, who are half proprietors, fix'd on Mr Shield to furnish tunes, and he either will not, or cannot do it. It is now left to me to seek a friend who will do it, not gratuitously, for your terms will be attended to. The Music is intended to be printed with the book, and therefore will have an immediate, and wide circulation. I remember your former attentions, and request to know if any such proposal can be listen'd to on your part, for you are highly capable of doing credit to the work. A word of reply to this will be greatly oblidging to, Sir

Your Humble Servant,

Robt Bloomfield

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 304; published in Hart, p. 52 BACK