262. Robert Bloomfield to Isaac Bird, 25 July 1811


262. Robert Bloomfield to Isaac Bird, 25 July 1811* 

Shepherd & Shepherdess

City Road

London. July 25th 1811

Cousin Isaac

I think by the cut of your face, and more particularly by the cut of your character, that if I send my two girls by the Angel coach on Tuesday 6th of August, you will give them, or procure them a nights lodging, on their way to Honington. George we both know can not give them room. He will deliver this to you, and if you will befriend them in this respect, I have pav'd the way for the rest of the journey.

How does Mrs Bird and the family?

I would have a ramble myself, but I am tied by the leg by a new publication which you will see in due time. [1]  I have long been unwell, and am mending again, but not as I could wish.

Our regards to friends, and relations. And believe me allways yours Sir, truly—

Rob Bloomfield

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[1] Bloomfield refers to The Banks of Wye; a Poem. In Four Books, which was published later that year. BACK