274. Robert Bloomfield to the 4th Duke of Grafton, 7 April 1812


274. Robert Bloomfield to the 4th Duke of Grafton, 7 April 1812* 


London. April 7th. 1812

My Lord Duke.

Nothing but the long continued kindness of your Grace's late Father to myself and family could justify me in this bold address. During the last Summer my good friend, Mr. Capel Lofft stated by letter the case which I now revive. The late Duke of Grafton whose friendship I experienced, and of whose favours I had cause to be proud, would have given me to the time of his lamented death, a year's donation, Fifteen pounds. And in your Grace's reply to Mr. Lofft, a promise past that such sum would be given me when the amount should be stated. I immediately wrote to your Grace at Whittlebury a letter which, I fear, was never recived

I would not thus intrude now, had I not determin'd to live in the Country and actually sent my Goods and Wife and five Children to Shefford in Bedfordshire for I find the expenses of London housekeeping too heavy for my precarious income, and have besides by no means good health. With gratefull thanks, I am

Your Grace's Most Obedient Servant

Rob Bloomfield

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