281. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Ann Bloomfield, 5 April 1813


281. Robert Bloomfield to Mary Ann Bloomfield, 5 April 1813* 


Chapter Coffee-House. Apr. 5. 1813—

'To all whom it may concern'

Had a pleasant ride (without head ache) as pleasant as eleven outsides besides a Coachman could make it, We took up an old Frenchman with a trunk of 200 weight, besides 3 there before, and had only 2 insides for ballast. Betsey's boy has been at the last squeak for his life with the Measles, and is recovering, they are this day in the confusion of moving, being induced to quit their house for other conveniencies and may now be found at No 5. Daggets Court. Nat is cheerfull, but has his old complaint in his eyes to a great degree. Their youngest has had the Measels, and is not likely to live. 2 Children over the way are expected to die to night with the same. I cannot manage to get to the Duke's till tomorrow. I sleep at Naylor's, have seen Swan, and shall probably dine with him at Crosby's tomorrow. I find we recon'd on the safe side with regard to future devidends, and that I shall be decieved on the right side, as a further devidend is expected in the Autumn of about 4 Shillings. They talk of reprinting the Steriotype. I shall hear more of it tomorrow. Will if possible send you money on Saturday, but have patience. I am now going to Binley's &c, &c I cannot write only as Rabbits S—t, in little bits, for the cart wheels roar, and the waiter's are noisy, and there is a Chimney on fire within sight, and a brave crowd.—

Mary Daw is at CharlottesBet Isaac is in Cranburn Alley—Bet Hawyes is agog for coming with me. I hear not a word of how she likes her platt, it is well if she does not burn it in her confusion. Tom grows a nice boy, and George is nine feet high all but some odds.

Love to all that care for me. Yours in better health than I could have expected.

Robert Bloomfield

On coming into this House for the purpose of seeing the Reviews, I joind Company with Mr Dyer, who looks just as usual, and cocks his thumbs with the same wigg-despising air as formerly. I send his remembrances. One of the Reviews have noticed the 'Wye' but I cannot yet find it. [Rest of the MS torn]

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