309. Robert Bloomfield to Hannah Bloomfield, 17 February 1817


309. Robert Bloomfield to Hannah Bloomfield, 17 February 1817* 

Shefford. Feb 17. 1817

My Dear Girl.

I am, after all this writing to Master Hawyes and Mr Weston, driven into candle light on Monday night, and therefore cannot write so freely as I otherwise would.—

I shall not be immediately forced to send to Suffolk, for money, perhaps not at all.—I enclose you two pounds as a momentary help; I know it is not enough, but you will reason on the matter and pocket it till you can get somthing better.—

A second Edition of Davy is printing.—Neighbour peppercorn lately sent me a Note saying that I should recieve by his cart 2 [illegible word] Bushels of Coals as a present from some one, and that I might hear afterwards who was the donor. At present I have not learnt, but think it is Mr Forster of Biggleswade.—

You see I can not write now. Bless you! Make yourself easy—Charles shall copy the Dukes Letter.  [1]  Yours ever

Rob Bloomfield

Address: Miss Bloomfield / Twickenham

* BL Add. MS 28268, ff. 369–70 BACK

[1] Copy removed to its chronological place (see Letter 307). BACK