313. Robert Southey to Robert Bloomfield, 8 May 1817


313. Robert Southey to Robert Bloomfield, 8 May 1817* 

My dear Bloomfield

I very much regret that it has not been in my power to call upon you, & have the pleasure of shaking hands with a brother Bard whom I so truly esteem. This I shall endeavour to do on my return. Tomorrow I set forth, meaning to be out of England about eight weeks,—but longer if possible.

How many events have happened both to you & to me, as well as to the great world since you and I met in the year 1802!—This would be a painful subject to pursue,—nor indeed do I know who could bear to look back,—if he had not his deepest enjoyment in looking forward to that second & happier birthday which will restore to us in another world, if we are found worthy, all that we have lost in this.

God bless you

Robert Southey

Q Anne Street.8 May. 1817.

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