315. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 24 May 1817


315. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 24 May 1817* 

London. Saturday night. May 24. 1817

Dear Charles.

I have been day after day disappointed in getting an answer from the school, sometimes they were too busy, once I was too late, and yesterday I had the first real sick head-ache which I have encountered since I came from home,—but I have this morning learnd that you may attend there when you please, and the sooner the better. I therefore wish you to attend to the following requests, or orders if you please.—First.—Write to Mr Williamson to this effect. 'Sir. My Father is desirous of knowing the address of a printer in London who is your tenant, and who lives over Grays Inn Lane, wishing to enquire of him for a suitable lodging and board for me when trying my fortune at the school in Baldwin's Gardens, &c.' Secondly, Expect a parcel by Tuesdays Coach, and when you receive it inform Mr Barker that you mean to come to town with him next morning—but mind,— if you cannot come then, I shall look for you next day, or the next.—bring all your linnen with you, and come on Wednesday if you can, as you will recieve by parcel money to pay your passage &c—I will try to meet you at the Inn. Your sisters are well, and I must hasten at past six oclock to close this and run to the post office. If I find that I have omitted any thing I will write it by parcel.

Yours, always

Rob Bloomfield

Give my love to those who love me, and brush up your very best senses and resolutions, for your future life may be govern'd by the step you are now taking.

Address: Mr Charles Bloomfield / Shefford. / Beds. / May 24. 1817.

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