316. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 26 May 1817


316. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 26 May 1817* 

London. Witsun. Monday. May 1817

I here enclose £2, one of which you must take to bear your charges on the road. If it should turn out a very wet morning you will be to blame to start on Wednesday.

I send 4lb of sugar at 7d per pound, and half lb of mix'd tea at six shillings but you must not expect that they can be sold 40 miles from London and upon credit, for such prices. Sugars are remarkably cheap.

I am extremly anxious about how and where you can board and lodge, and when I shall find you money to pay for them. Charlotte was quite well yesterday, we spent a dark wet afternoon at Isaac's. We are all well here, but you see I have a miserable pen and must cut you off short till we meet. Yours.

Rob Bloomfield

You will give the enclosed half guinea of Aunt Charlott's to Miss Fitzjohn, and request her to make three score and a half of platt to pattern as soon as she conveniently can.

Rob Bloomfield

Address: C Bloomfield

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