322. Robert Bloomfield and Hannah Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 10-12 October 1817


322. Robert Bloomfield and Hannah Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 10–12 October 1817* 

Shefford. Oct 10. 1817

My dear Charles,

I thank you heartily for your long letter, and hope you will continue well, and in as good spirits as you can. I send you another two pounds, for I am sure you will want it. I want to know all your news by conversation, but know not at which end to begin to advise you. If I come to town it must be expensive, and so it will for you to come here though I should so well like to see you. I am sorry to hear that you feel forlorn; I know that you are now hard task'd and wish you could have a week's respite and recreation here. Would Mr Johnson admit you back again if you did so? I am pretty certain I shall have to come to London whenever you go to Putney, but how or where I shall find money to support you and us I know not. I think you act perfectly right in going to Putney to look after them, it will show that you are alive and willing. Perhaps Mr Johnson wishes you gone? If so it ill agrees with Mr Sanderlands advice to continue, as you have already been there longer than many others. I write with the utmost difficulty for want of better eyes, and should prefer one hour's conversation to all that we could write in a month. For God's sake take care of the Cowcross fever, it pays no respect to young schoolmasters be they ever so good or worthy. I cannot proceed further without a headache, do according to your own judgment with the enclosed notes; if you come for a week to see us you know how gladly you will be received, and that this is still a home. Hannah and Mother are well, but Rob has a very bad cold. Tomorrow is our noisy Fair. Love and health to you from your father

Rob Bloomfield

If you can catch hold of Mr Johnson just to speak for five minutes you had perhaps better ask him if he wishes you to leave him, or whither you have it at your own option to stay or leave his school till that at Putney shall be ready for you? But do as you think best and let us hear again from you before long. Miss Weston left us a fortnight ago. We have not heard of her since—give my love to Charlotte and tell her this is not the letter which I promised to write to her, but I will not forget her, she shall hear of me before many months are over.

Your affectionate sister Hannah.

Too late for the post on Friday.—Yesterday was our fair. Robert and I saw great boa constrictor and a little crocodile, very likely the same which you and your father saw in London. Your father and I drank tea at Mr Fitzjohn's yesterday, Jane desires her love to Charlotte. I took tea at Mrs Peppercorn's one day last week and am going to spend a few days there next week. I cannot say anything about my success or otherwise, in business, for I am scarcely determined whither to attempt it or not so this is holliday with me. I don't know of any news to tell you, unless the following is news to you Mr Gaye has set up a gig, so times go well with him. Mr Ibbs has lost one of his daughters to the mumps, Briggs has got his house done up so smart, two Bow windows at bottom, and sash instead of casement, up stairs.—Your father has got the Rheumatism in his back. Bob has a very bad cough. Your Mother has had the head ach four days and I have a bad cold—So we are all grumbling together—Oh that we were in one of Mr Owen's new villages, [1]  I dare say we shall banish all cold and cough's there, I wonder if we are to have any winter's [illegible word] don't forget to give our love to Charlotte and to the Moor-fields gentry, and keep up your spirits, yours again, Hannah Bloomfield.

Jack has been hallowing and is making all the noises he can think of, till he has got a cold too and is I suppose so hoarse that he cannot [word obscured by seal] so he, very prudently, holds his tongue.

* BL Add. MS 28268, ff. 381–82 BACK

[1] Robert Owen, the industrialist and social reformer, who established model villages for his workers and designed utopian communities for America. BACK