323. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 2 March 1818


323. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 2 March 1818* 

Shefford. March 2. 1818

My Dear Charles,

This will be but a say-so parcel, it being principally intended to cheat the post-office, and you must forward the enclosed letters according to their directions. I send you one shirt, with a promise of two new ones in the course of a month; but Hannah is again at Mrs Napier's for a week or two. I feel very anxious for your ensuing trial at Putney, and expressd as much to Mr Sandilands when I wrote. Forty Guineas is just forty guineas better than nothing, don't forget that: and I must endeavour to help you until you can walk alone. I feel a placid composure, a kind of sunshine holiday of the soul which I have not felt for two years past; I have paid all my principal debts, and have the Duke's allowance now due. The Booksellers' account was promised last month, but is not arrived. In the mean time I am persuing my old theme with all my powers. Attend, for heaven's sake attend with all yours to the chance set before you, and if you fail, or find yourself capable of greater things I will in either case be your friend and father,

Robt Bloomfield

Love to Charlotte whenever you see her.

Address: Charles Bloomfield

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