327. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 18 October 1818


327. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 18 October 1818* 

Shefford. Oct 18. 1818

My dear Charles

I have been very anxiously wishing to hear from you. I hope you will write directly and set my mind at ease. Is Mr Birrill gone? Have you recieved your quarter's wages? Do you conduct the school yourself? Do you feel able to do it? And are the parties likely to be satisfied with your single services &c &c &c? We are all well, but have not had a word from charlotte since your last, in which you said that your letter would come accompanied by some things of hers, these things, whatever they were, did not come.

Our post now goes at 4, and I have but just time to say that Hannah has her usual health, but is not so contented here as formerly nor I neither. Perhaps I may say more on that head next time. Love and good wishes.

Yours in the fidgits,

Rob Bloomfield

Oct 19, 1818

Address: Mr Charles Bloomfield, / National School, / Putney, / Surrey

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