335. Robert Bloomfield to Mr Lane, 9 May 1819


335. Robert Bloomfield to Mr Lane, 9 May 1819* 


The Editor of the Pocket Magazine has been favoured with a polite letter from Mr. Lane, of Biggleswade, enclosing the following copy of a letter from Mr. Bloomfield to Mr. Lane, on the subject of our correspondent Beppo's enquiries. [1]  In the hope that the publication of it may gratify his readers, and be serviceable to Mr. Bloomfield, the Editor inserts Mr. Bloomfield's letter. Mr. Lane is requested to accept his thanks for the trouble his which he has so politely taken.

Shefford, Beds. May 9, 1819.


I feel obliged to you for the perusal of the Magazine, and your offer of writing to the Editor. Letters addressed to me here will reach me until Michaelmas next, when I mean to return to London. I thank the parties unknown, and wish to inform them I am not in distress, except as to very moderate health in general, and worse sight. Numerous friends have been very kind in their subscriptions for my benefit, particularly my countrymen of Suffolk. If there should be still other persons able and desirous to add to the list, their cash may be left at Messrs. Rogers and Co., Bankers, Clements Lane, or deposited in my pocket, in which there is yet plenty of room. I hope to publish again in the ensuing winter and am, Sir,

Your's, very respectfully

Robert Bloomfield.

Address: To Mr. Lane.

* The Pocket Magazine, IV (1819), 103–4 BACK

[1] 'Beppo' had, in an earlier number of The Pocket Magazine, lamented Bloomfield's current obscurity and enquired as to his whereabouts. BACK