336. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 20 May 1819


336. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Bloomfield, 20 May 1819* 

Shefford. May 20. 1819

My Dear Charles

Yours of this morning gave me pleasure because it proved that you could bear a sudden change, tho' it must of course surprise and hurt you. But had I delayed to write just as I did in a peremptory tone, some old pettifogging, gossiping, soapsuds might in the interim have taken a delight in wounding your feelings by telling you that your committee folks meant to change their schoolmaster—I was determined that you should have the chance of resigning before you could hear it.—This is the whole of the matter.

The inclosed letter will show you what authority I had for being so self-willed and positive. I think, tho Miss Anstead is your real friend, she has not a right notion of your two characters, an out-school and an in school character. If she had received a whack or two of your cane she would say no more of want of energy. Yet I don't like canes nor crabsticks; govern without them if you can. I would not if I were you tell the contents of the enclosed letter, there are very few indeed who have any right to know.—pass it off, and look after the next step of the ladder.

I mean to write to Mr Judkins of Whichmore Hill, and any where else to serve you.

A letter from Hannah came yesterday, but as it talkd of Friday as a time of departure from Windsor, I did not venture to write to her. She must write again when she comes to London.—In the mean time be as happy as you can.—Who would be shoved off an uneasy stool when he could get up and leave it without?

Take care of your health

Yours ever

Rob Bloomfield

Address: Mr C. Bloomfield, / National School, / Putney, / Surrey.

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