345. Robert Bloomfield to Hannah Bloomfield, 27 September 1819


345. Robert Bloomfield to Hannah Bloomfield, 27 September 1819* 

London. Sep 27. 1819

My Dear Hannah

I this moment saw James and shall see him again directly. I am truly sorry to have given you a moment's uneasiness, but on Saturday I was far from well, and could not write as I fully intended. I feel now much better. Saw Charlotte last night, all well. We are going for a walk with James if the weather will permit, but he says it is a 'blackguard day'. Isaac's wife brought another son on Sunday morning. I have just been to take a place home tomorrow morning and hope to be at Shefford a few hours after this, which I would not write if it were not to ask you to be in the parlour and have something which I can eat. I can then tell you all about it, and you will find me not so knockd down as you seem to apprehend. I feel certain that I can do better by writing out the whole of my story, preface and all, which I am sure I can do before Christmas. In the mean time, as I have drawn no money of Baldwin I see no dread of getting on for many months with less harassing than I experience here. Be easy a few hours and I will be with you.

God bless you—

Yours, as ever

Rob Bloomfield

Address: Miss Bloomfield, / Shefford, /Beds.

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