347. Robert Bloomfield to John Murray, 24 May 1820


347. Robert Bloomfield to John Murray, 24 May 1820* 

Shefford. May 24. 1820


In consequence of a letter from my good friend T. Park Esq of Hampsted, I send you a MS. Poem for your perusal, and particularly request that you will read it through. I must presume that you know my origin, my history, and the success of my former publications.

My wish is to dispose of this if any one will deem it worth the while to take it off my hands. If, Sir, you will put me out of my suspense as soon as possible you will greatly add to the quiet of my own mind, and to the character I have always heard of your generous conduct as a publisher.

I am Sir your Obd. Servt

Robt Bloomfield.

Address: Mr John Murray, / Bookseller, / Albermarle Stt. / London

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